COVID-19 EffortClip


We have been thinking a lot about how our communities around the globe, are going to be affected, or have already been affected, by the global pandemic COVID-19. How can we create awareness? How can we raise funds for those most deeply impacted? Here is what we came up with:

The COVID-19 EffortClip. This clip will signify your commitment to COVID-19 awareness and support for the continued process of social distancing. Also, for every COVID-19 EffortClip sold, $9 will go out to COVID-19 related charities, and $1 will go to our usual partnerships for the physical and learning disabled.

Why the EffortClip? It is something that we could immediately produce to raise funds for the pressing times. We also think that the clip can be a visual way to express one's solidarity for those affected by COVID-19, and a tool to spread needed awareness about the importance of social distancing and community persistence.

This may not be the same effort as finishing the marathon, or acing a test, but perseverance will no doubt be the key in overcoming this struggle. And we will persevere.

Thank you, Josh

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