The Dream

People ask what?

Honor the Effort™ is focused on creating achievements you wear. We are also eager to give back. Our goal is to help fund people and organizations with learning and physical disabilities.

I'm dyslexic, learning disabled and have struggled in school.

I have a support system with mentors and advisors. I have people that want to see me succeed and that push me forward. Family, friends and strangers have believed in me.

My job was always to try harder and put in more effort. I've been successful in business and in life. 

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People ask why?

Part 1: why?

I'm humbled watching people conquer their goals with hard work and discipline. It happens everyday and people all around you are putting in the effort to accomplish their goals.

My wife, our children and I had a few people over for dinner recently and we went around the table asking, "What are you most proud of or most impressed with, that you have done in your life". One of our friend's said, "I've done 4 marathons, including the Boston". I was floored because I had no idea. 

I hope that Honor the Effort™ starts that conversation. All those trophies you've earned over the years should be important to you and you should bring them with you everywhere. My friend now wears marathon beads and she hopes to see others wearing them too. When people see other people wearing an EffortBead, I hope they ask questions and begin a conversation.


Part 2: why?

I'm an EMT, Volunteer Fireman, Ski Patroller...I like to spend my time helping people. I thank my family for always encouraging me to do some good.  

I hope that Honor the Effort™ can make people feel better about themselves. Life can be a struggle and sometimes it's nice to know that a simple reminder of what you've done can pick you back up again.

Mental and physical health should be important to all of us and if I can help, I will. One of the company's core values is charity. I'm hoping we're able to write big checks one day to help those in need.