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Frequently asked questions


What are the EffortBands and Metal EffortBands made of?

Rope, Zinc Alloy, Copper, 18k gold plated, 925 silver plated, tin plated

We've been able to keep the price down because of the metal plating. If you are an athlete and sweat or wear it in water understand that the plating will rub off. 

We believe that when you lose the plating on your EffortBand it shows that you've been working hard. Like wrinkles and scars, each marking shows how you've lived.  

What are the EffortBeads made of?

Aluminum, coated very scientifically for coloring

Where is the product made?


Where are we located?

Vermont and everywhere people wear our products

Wear and tear?

We hope so. We wear our products all the time and everyday. They will eventually look worn and scratched. That's when they start telling their own story.

How do I assemble and adjust my EffortBand?

Follow the link and it will redirect you to YouTube, click here:


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